• Infrastructure
    as a Service

    We back your Virtual Infrastructure with 2x the Hardware, 2x the Network, and 2x the Customer Service of our competitors.

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    High Availabilty Included

    You won't be paying extra for your our 2x redundant hardware, it comes standard with every package we sell.

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    Too Big (or Small)

    From all out infrastructure as a service to a simple blog or website we've got you covered 2x more than our competition. Our engineers will create a customized solution to your requirements.

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    Get 2x the value for your money

    For the price of a single dedicated server or old-fashioned non-redundant cloud instance you can have a truly resilient, high performance solution with cloud2x.

Be Self Sufficient

Our WHMCS control panel puts you in control of your cloud. You can make most changes without even sending an email.

Now Available: Cloud Storage!

Terabytes of High Performance reliable storage is now available as an add-on to cloud2x instances!

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Performance Monitoring

Now you can rest assured that your site will be available 100% of the time from 100% of the world with our included 24/7 monitoring from Pingdom.

Technical Support

Phone : 425 274 1997
Twitter : @cloud2Xcloud
Email : support@cloud2x.com

Our Address

1420 NW Gilman Blvd. #2316 / Issaquah, WA 98027
425.274.1997 / info@cloud2x.com